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The Glasshouse Cycle

The Glasshouse Cycle

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Trio of Choir Pieces by Diederik van der Laag (2022)

Composer: Diederik van der Laag

Text: Emily Vierthaler

Conductor: Jurriaan Poesse

Video: Desiree Coumans

Audio recording: Concertzender, Theo van Soest

Premiered and recorded live in Katholieke Kerk te Werkhoven, May 29th 2022 during Vocal Lab 2.2: A Safe Haven? (Organized by Componisten Werkplaats)

Glasshouse© - Original Text by Emily Vierthaler (2020)

Only a lamp rides the night waves from the corner

My soul sings the song of coziness, of love undiscovered

On the other side, I am curled warm on my mattress

The blue marble beetle that crossed my path today speaks:

In the middle of the forest is a house that glows, and it is my house.

Innocence kept fresh

Mind cradled by the trees outside

Hold yourself to yourself, tight and warm and blow on the lightning sparks of your soul.

You shall glide on a cloud of dreaming, your glasshouse carried to unknown shores.

I am safe and sound in my house of glass;

And my body slumbers, chest rising and falling with cricket-song

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