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Poetry for all your moments.

Words that pull a heartstring, touch a nerve, lift your spirits high.

Words that hit right where you need them to.

Scroll to explore past projects. Or reach out below if you need something touching and original for a special occasion.

Jurylid Nederlands Poëziefilm Festival

Juryleden 2023: Sjaan Flikweert, Jeremy Flohr, Alexis de Roode, Emily Vierthaler

Zo'n geweldige gelegenheid om in zoveel finely-crafted poëziefilms te duiken!

De welverdiende winnaars van dit jaar zijn dichter Mahat Arab en filmmaker Boris Peters met hun film Part-time Vaders.

Vraag: Wat betekent een poëziefilm voor jou?

Emily: Een poëziefilm is voor mij een multidisciplinaire creatie waarin het gedicht de drijvende kracht van emotionele en conceptuele communicatie levert. De andere disciplines werken er symbiotisch mee om collectief een creatieve visie te ontwikkelen, met of zonder direct gebruik van het gedicht, met menselijke ervaring in de kern. Het gedicht biedt dus afspringende punten voor andere disciplines om zich te ontwikkelen tot hun eigen rijkdom en nuance.

Aangezien elke discipline zijn eigen invalshoek van het gedicht bijdraagt, biedt de poëziefilm het publiek meer begeleiding en substantie voor de constructie van hun eigen interpretaties.

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Publication: 2 poems

- Gen-Z Manifesto

- Footnotes for the Urban Tribes

Domino Dice

How Machines Work
an expanded translation of the combined works of Gerry van der Linden, Adriaan Jaeggi and Wordbites. Source text: Dutch
Prepared for The Next Gen's TECH KNOW Fest

You wonder how machines work.

How seasons flow together,

and you punish swiftly, without effort.

How workers strike, and animals are.

How both something, and absolutely nothing, mean something

in between the spaces.

How people eat and sleep and grown kids leave home.

How potential possibilities…


You wonder how machines work.

How children fight, fire unfurls,

and insects lick their feet.

How light weighs itself

and hunger kicks in.


How birds dance, clouds fly,

time fades, memories are stoked like flames and love remains.

How raindrops long,

laugh, and cry hand in hand,

how everything breathes and hovers in silence,

standing still within the situation.

How thoughts sigh. In the labyrinth you stand

and you wonder,


How messages echo,

how we dream of monsters, longing,

and do the laundry.

You wonder how machines work.

Insta poems (2).png

Gedicht van de Maand

Stichting Granate, mei 2023


Kalligraphie door Sandor Sweet.

Poëzie op de Stoep 2023

Georganiseerd door Stichting Granate

Met haar project Poëzie op de stoep | Editie Amsterdam Nieuw-West versiert Granate de stoepen van Amsterdam Nieuw-West met plaatselijke poëzie. Tijdens dit project worden in de vorm van een poëzieroute 21 korte gedichten van dichters uit Amsterdam Nieuw-West gekalligrafeerd op de 21 bloempotten langs de Burgermeester de Vlugtlaan. Deze poëtische route begint vanaf plein
40’ 45’ en eindigt 1,3 kilometer verderop bij metrostation De Vlugt. Ieder gedicht is uniek en geschreven door een dichter die een speciale band met Amsterdam Nieuw-West heeft.

Dichters & kalligrafen
Dichters: Emily Vierthaler, Hessel du Mark, Hugo Hoes, Doris Schyns Sander Ausems, Nafiss Nia, Gökhan Aksoy, Luna Wicks, Meron Taye, Dagmer Koolwijk, Shanna De Ruiter, Rachad Debdoubi puntjudith, Def P, Oumaima Al Abdellaoui Onno-Sven Tromp, Sander Koolwijk, Jeroen van Wijk, Anne Stoof, Lev Avitan en Marieke Stam.

 Kalligrafen: Hans Schuttenbeld, Tom Vincentie en Sandor Sweet.

Nieuw West©

Vindt het recept voor liefde

op straathoeken: ramen open,

de wind draagt groeten

je schaduw knuffelt dicht bij.

Thorns n’ Music© (2022)

Dichteren Leesten e-zine volume 19

What if it were simple:

Drink a glass of water

And flush away all worries

All microplastics from the seas and all

Dragon clouds hovering above

Forests that Roar

Engines that Burn


I wish it were as simple as

“Shit or get off the pot”

And not “water this one a bit more,

add sun but not a shade too pale”


And as you’re dancing

Your breath rasps a great many colors

But it is great that the colors exist

Great that breath exists.

Sit with that

It’s your dancing partner

In the imperfect quiet

Make that your melted / perfect symphony

Debut Collection: Glasshouse (December 2022)

Glasshouse is my first collection. You can purchase your copy below. Send me a message if you would like a signed copy.


IRAN: Poem for Great Granate Gala 2022

This video relates the current revolution in Iran to Attar's epic poem, 'The Conference of the Birds'. In Attar's masterpiece, the birds of the world await their sovereign, a mighty phoenix called 'Simorgh'. They embark on a harrowing quest across seven valleys in search of the Simorgh. At the end of the journey, only thirty birds remain and they realize that they themselves form the Simorgh.

Music: Kaveh Vares

Poem created for Stichting Granate's yearly Great Granate Gala.

Great Granate Gala 2022

Stichting Granate gaf zijn jaarlijkse winter gala ter ere van de Vrouwelijke Dichter, gevuld met poëzie, dans en muziek. 


Touria Meliani (Amsterdamse wethouder voor onder andere kunst, cultuur, diversiteit en inclusie opent het gala), Aurora Guds, Charlotte de Beus, Charlotte de Raad, Conny Lahnstein, Dorien de Wit, Elisa Lo-A-Njoe, Emily Vierthaler, Fenna Ulichki, Hamide Dogan, Hannah van Binsbergen, Iris Allana Vos, Izadora Yamamoto, Jolies Heij, Karin Lachmising, Kim Don, Linde Suzanne, Luna Wicks, Maartje Smits, Marjolein Pieks, Monica de Ruijter, Nafiss Nia, Naomi Montroos, Petra Ardai, River Heuer, Saba Hamzah, Sabrunnisa Cakmak, Sarah Lucassen, Shanna de Ruiter, Tieka Masfar, Fenna Ulichki (Stadsdeelvoorzitter Amsterdam West sluit het gala)

I Hope You Grow© - Original Text

This poem keeps regenerating and appearing in new forms and contexts!

Here is one recitation at Stadsklooster in Utrecht for Vocal Lab 3.0 (organized by Componisten Werkplaats).

Accompaniment: Diederik van der Laag

I hope you grow (2018)


I hope you grow

Like the pine tree next to our house

That stretches a little taller than the first-floor roof


I hope you are nourished by the storms that roll by

I hope the chaos feeds your soul

And shakes the dirt and dead needles from your branches


I hope you find friends who pour water at your roots

And laugh around your base

Friends who you can shelter from the rain

And I hope you find equals

Whom you race alongside to reach the sky.


I hope you grow strong enough to bear the burden of snow

Through the summer months

When you can’t believe you’re still carrying this heavy load in April

And you gracefully let it rest atop you

Until it melts one sweltering week and you sigh with relief


I hope you nurture yourself

Bringing in all the sweetness and harshness alike from your environment

And transforming it into fuel for your every cell

Your every fiber of being

I hope you find fuel in fire storms and stillness, sunlight flaming through the icicles that cling to you like thousands of extra fingers


I hope you bend and lean with life

I hope the clouds carry away your strife

I hope you are strong

I hope you are soft

I hope you put down roots

And learn to lean into the Earth

As you push your way into the sky

I Hope You Grow - Video & Published Dutch Translation

This is the official video for I Hope You Grow, produced by Wordbites. I provided the source text (in English) and dance.

For this clip Wordbites created and recited a schitterende expanded translation in Dutch, titled Ik hoop dat je groeit. You can read it here. Or buy it in Wordbites' poetry bundle of the same name.

Hervertaling & voice: Wordbites

Drums: Jens Wierckx

Sounds & vibraphone: Secil Kuran

Audio: Mischa Dirksen

Video: Desirée Coumans

I Hope You Grow - Choir Piece by Diederik van der Laag

Diederik van der Laag is a talented choir composer. He composed this exquisite piece on my poem as one of the main organizers of the Componisten Werkplaats.

It premiered on April 24th 2022 in Utrecht.

The Glasshouse Cycle - Trio of Choir Pieces by Diederik van der Laag

Diederik also composed three stunning pieces on my poem Glasshouse. They premiered on May 29th 2022 in Bilthoven.

News article

Glasshouse© (2020)

Only a lamp rides the night waves from the corner

My soul sings the song of coziness, of love undiscovered

On the other side, I am curled warm on my mattress

The blue marble beetle that crossed my path today speaks:

In the middle of the forest is a house that glows, and it is my house.

Innocence kept fresh

Mind cradled by the trees outside

Hold yourself to yourself, tight and warm and blow on the lightning sparks of your soul.

You shall glide on a cloud of dreaming, your glasshouse carried to unknown shores.

I am safe and sound in my house of glass;

And my body slumbers, chest rising and falling with cricket-song

Sea Goddess - Performance for Private Dinner Party

A custom poetic journey that lead guests on a journey down to the ocean floor, and up to the surface as reborn beings. 

Contact me to read the full text.

Costume: Linda Plaude

Space: Viola Winokan Fine Art


Wake-up Call 

Collaborative piece (NL & UK) written together with Wordbites, Saskia van Kampen, and Marjan de Ridder. It was performed for the Greenpeace (NL) Protestival in 2019.

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